The Digital Innovation Leadership Program (DILP) is a two-year grant provided through the University of Illinois Office of the Provost and Illinois Extension and Outreach Initiative. DILP’s goal is to support digital literacy education and programming throughout the state of Illinois.

DILP is an interdisciplinary collaboration project that brings together individuals across higher education, community, and education. These community connections allow DILP to leverage resources and expertise to build capacity and continue to pursue DILP’s mission. To learn more about our partners, please see our People page for more detailed profiles.

DILP aims to build capacity around the state of Illinois to support digital literacy. DILP accomplishes this through:

  • Providing resources for programs through partnerships with Extension, 4-H, and other community organizations
  • Educating educators about digital literacy programming and activities
  • Raising awareness with public officials about what DILP does and our digital literacy efforts

Awarded in September 2014, DILP is one of six collaborative projects awarded to help further Extension’s mission and outreach throughout Illinois.


Who We Are

Our team brings together diverse partnerships across the University of Illinois’ campus, University of Illinois Extension, and Illinois communities.

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Engaging the state of Illinois through local communities and partnerships to expand the potential for entrepreneurship, innovation, economic development, digital inclusion, and social development.


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